Deer Park Students Taking a Lead in Their Community

October 10, 2013

Deer Park students have the great fortune of living and attending school in a very close-knit, community-centered town. This holistic environment has impacted several students in areas of leadership and community service.  Service learning has been a longtime staple of Deer Park Community City Schools' educational and extracurricular offerings, and the programs have since expanded and grown to include Amity's Youth Service Club, participation in the March of Dimes, and Communiserve.  
Wednesday, October 9, 14 Deer Park High School students attended the annual Anthony Munoz Foundation event at Xavier University.  The event was focused on service and leadership within one's own community.  Students were challenged to create a community volunteer project that will be executed in their community between now and March.  Students from over 100 schools were in attendance to participate in a day filled with a wide range of motivational speakers, musicians, and, of course, Anthony Munoz.
Aside from this group activity focused on community service and leadership, Deer Park High School Junior Jack Walker is also taking a leadership role and representing his hometown of Deer Park.  Jack is participating in the Impact Regional Youth Leadership Program sponsored by the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce.  Jack applied to this program last year with the guidance of the DPHS counselors, and was accepted to join forces with students from neighboring high schools in a 7 month program where they will have opportunities to shadow a variety of careers and develop their leadership skills.   
To date, Jack has been on a team building retreat at Camp Joy,  pushing through physical tests and obstacle courses. The Youth Leadership group then spent a day at the Camp County Courthouse where they learned about economic development, and the many factors impacting (at times limiting) the development of our city.  They then toured downtown Cincinnati and learned about the history of the "Queen City".  Next month they will spend the day at the Toyota plant, where the topic will focus on diversity.