First semester exam schedule

January 9, 2014


Tues 1/14

Weds 1/15

Thurs 1/16

Fri 1/17

7:45 – 8:11





8:14 – 9:44

Exam 8

Exam 7

Exam 6

Exam 5

9:47 – 10:10





10:15 – 11:45

JRHI lunch

Exam 4



Exam 2

Exam 3

Make – up EXAMs        

11:50 – 12:50 LUNCH

Bell 2  (30 min)

Bell 3  (30 min)

Bell 5 (30 min)


12:55 – 1:55

Review Session

Bell 7

Review Session

Bell 6

Review Session

Bell 5

















·         Students in all grades must be present for exams.  Any student absent for an exam will automatically receive an exam grade of “0” unless the student presents a medical excuse from a physician.

·         First period Jr. High Exams will be given on Monday January 13.


·         The exam will count as 20% of the semester grade for each course.  (Junior high exams other than foreign language will count as a regular test grade.)


·         Attendance will be taken during each exam period and teachers will report absences to the attendance office.


·         ALL STUDENTS are expected to be in school for the entire scheduled day.  (With the exception of the last exam day.)  On Friday, if all exams are complete, students will be dismissed at 9:44. Students with make-up exams will be dismissed at 11:45am.


·         Make-up exams will be scheduled by instructors and will only be rescheduled if a student has been absent for a verified medical excuse.


·         If inclement weather forces a two hour delay in the starting time, the exam schedule will be extended by one hour with no afternoon review sessions.


·         If inclement weather forces cancellation of school, the entire exam schedule will be moved back one day.