Meet the Staff: Kate Burden, Payroll Specialist

November 10, 2017

Following the success of our introductions to our new staff members with the "Meet the New Staff" feature stories, we would now like to take time to introduce the community to all of our staff members throughout the district! Each week, we will feature members of the Deer Park family with a short question and answer session.  We hope this allows everyone to become familiar with all of the wonderful faculty and staff around Deer Park!

Katherine (Kate) Burden, Payroll Specialist 
Deer Park Administration

Five years ago...I was working for the Air Force in the division Developing and Sustaining Warfighting Systems creating an antenna to detect space debris in our atmosphere.
Five years from now...I'll be working in Deer Park as your Payroll Specialist.
The farthest I have ever traveled from home is...Florida
My favorite place in the world is...Other than with my family… Nashville… there is an amazing Bed and Breakfast called the Thistle Top Inn.  I have never been more relaxed in my life!
What is the last book you have read? Storm Chasers
What is the last movie you've seen? Cars 3
What is your favorite kind of music? I like a little bit of everything.
Who is your favorite sports team? Duke University (Basketball)
What are two activities you do in your free time? I love to research weather and my free time is spent with my husband and two daughters who are 5 & 3.
What excites you most about the start of a new school year? It’s a new career and adventure.
You are given $5,000. How do you spend it? I would use that money for a new yard.  We just built our house and the grass cannot be planted until spring…until then I have a mud pit!
What three words best describe you? Fun, trustworthy, and determined.