Ohio Department of Education Recognizes 2 Deer Park Schools as "Schools of Promise"

October 17, 2013

Nearly 150 Ohio schools are being recognized today by the Ohio Department of Education for sustaining high academic achievement among their students, including many from economically disadvantaged homes.

The Department named 141 Schools of Promise and 37 High Performing Schools of Honor.

The Schools of Promise award program recognizes schools attaining solid student achievement in reading and mathematics while serving a significant number of economically disadvantaged students. As an incentive to help close achievement gaps in Ohio, the Ohio Department of Education developed the Schools of Promise program to identify, recognize and highlight schools that are making substantial progress in ensuring high achievement for all students.

Schools of Promise are working examples of what can happen when administrators, teachers, parents and community members all collaborate and support one another to assure ALL students are given the opportunity to learn.  Of the 141 schools in Ohio deemed a School of Promise, and 5 schools in Hamilton County, we are pleased to announce that 2 of those schools are Deer Park Community City School buildings!  Holmes Primary, and Amity Elementary have both received the notable recognition as School(s) of Promise for the 2012-2013 school year.  

Schools of Promise must have a 75 percent or better average proficiency rate on the Ohio Achievement Assessments and the Ohio Graduation Tests for the 2012-13 school year. They must also have: a 75 percent proficiency rate in two subgroups; an A or B grade for their annual measurable objective (AMO) for narrowing performance gaps between groups of students on the local school report card; an A, B, or C progress grade on the local school report card; and a graduation rate of A or B. The schools must also serve 40 percent of more economically disadvantage students.