Students around the Park are filling in the blank "Music makes me ________!"

March 17, 2014

To our Deer Park family:

This month we are celebrating the music programs here at Deer Park for "Music In Our Schools" Month! Please take the opportunity to pat music students of all ages on the back and encourage other students to join these amazingly wonderful music groups here at Deer Park Schools!


Did you know:

  • From First Grade to Senior year, music is on the brain! Students at Deer Park have the opportunity to sing and play in the band, choral, and general music programs. You may have had the opportunity to see these performing ensembles in action this month at our March concerts or fine arts night!
  • Not only do students involved in a school’s music program tend to be the leaders within the school, but they also tend to achieve higher on standardized tests.
  • Music not only impacts academic achievement, but it also shapes the way our students understand themselves and the world around them.

Find more information:


Christina Reardon, Vocal Music Director Elementary
Elizabeth Tierney, Vocal Music Director Jr Sr High School
Matt Suddendorf, Director of Instrumental Music
Joe Vetter, Director of Instrumental Music