Twelfth Annual Miami Valley Techfest Saturday 2/15 (10am-6pm) and Sunday 2/16 (11am-5pm) See down loadable flyer link at bottom of news release

February 2, 2014

Executive Summary.  TechFestTM 2014 will be on Saturday, February 15, 10 am – 6 pm, and Sunday, February 16, 11 am – 5 pm.  It will be at the David Ponitz Center (Building 12) at Sinclair Community College, Dayton, Ohio (GPS Setting: 301 West Fourth Street, Dayton, Ohio 45402.  Thank you for helping your youth and their families be aware of TechFest TM for the twelfth year.


TechFestTM is for youth K-12, but is focused for grades 4-9.  TechFestTM is free family fun with a taste of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).  The purpose is to motivate youth to study math and science in their school environment and explore a wide range of topics.  There is no cost of TechFestTM to your school, parents, or youth.  Parking at Sinclair is Free.


TechFestTM program features include:


·         Hands-on interactive exhibits that are demonstrated by practicing scientists and engineers.  TechFestTM 2014 will have approximately 70 demonstration stations from professional societies, colleges, universities, businesses, parks, museums, and Wright-Paterson Air Force Base.  These exhibits are in both building 12 and building 13 of Sinclair.  The wide range of topics includes but is not limited to biology, life sciences, chemistry, physics, aviation, electricity, weather, space, environmental science, computer technology, computer simulation, computer games, optics, math, civil engineering, project management, safety, Ohio State Highway Patrol, Dayton Power & Light and more.  Additionally, participants can visit a computer museum and the National Engineering and Science Hall of Fame.  Youth and their parents can ask questions of these people about their job, their career, the subjects they needed to study, and what they like about their chosen fields.  


·         “Info-tainment” demonstrations and presentations on STEM topics.  TechFestTM 2014 will have at least 12 presenters that include scientists and engineers who will make approximately 30 entertaining and informative and entertaining presentations (“Info-tainment”).  Presenters include:  Greg Johnson (Air Force pilot and NASA astronaut who piloted the last space shuttle); Dr. John J. Fortman, (Chemistry Professor emeritus, Fire, Explosions & other cool science); Jim McCutcheon (Guitars and Computers a great combination); Hank Fincken (Thomas Edison and Henry Ford), F-16 pilot, Magic and Mystery; Waves sciences; Inventing a 3-D printer; Rocket Science, steps that inventors take, and more. 


See: as more details become confirmed


Participating in TechFestTM is like going to a community festival.  Youth and their family explore what is interesting, explore new things, and have fun.  We believe that TechFestTM is the largest assembly of practicing engineers and scientists, along with professionals from related fields, for the sole purpose of having interactive fun with youth on STEM topics.  Youth and adults learn from each other as they discover what someone else has as a passion.  The intergenerational experience is much fun.  Over 75% of the guests have, at least, a three-hour experience.  Memories may last a lifetime. 


The flyer for students and families is available on line at .