What Do You Know About Our New Brand & Logo?

September 17, 2015

Deer Park Jr./Sr. High School new gym floor

Deer Park Jr./Sr. High School new gym floor

Deer Park Schools Revamping Athletic Program with Branding, New Facilities

Deer Park Community City School District unveiled new logos for its sports teams and school district, unifying the schools and extracurriculars with a comprehensive brand.

“Since last school year, a branding committee worked with SHAPE Environments, a part of SHP Leading Designs, to help Deer Park Schools create an identity we are proud of and know to be true. As SHAPE will tell you, ‘building a solid brand takes more than just a good logo,’” said Jay Phillips, Assistant Superintendent at Deer Park Schools.

The inception of the rebranding project began in spring 2014 when the Deer Park Community City School District, the staff, and the community expressed a need for consistent messaging, including logos, particularly for the Deer Park Junior/Senior High School Athletic Department.  At that time, the district utilized approximately 12 Wildcat images, seven Deer Park logos, and three paw prints.

“Every communication touchpoint--from postcards and emails to spirit wear and uniforms--are reflections of the Deer Park Community City School District. A revitalized brand gives Deer Park Schools the opportunity to keep moving forward and share our unique story with the greater Cincinnati area,” said Jeff Langdon, Superintendent at Deer Park Schools.

The Deer Park Schools branding committee will tell you how important it was for the district to “get it right” the first time, which is why they thoughtfully cultivated the brand and brand standards over many months and reached out to key stakeholders such as students, parents, staff, and local businesses.

“It was very rewarding to be part of a such a hard-working committee of staff, parents, alumni and community members to update and stream-line our ‘brand’ and bring a new and improved Wildcat and DP logo to the community. The new logos are fresh and sharp, but still reflect the tradition and legacy of the past,” said Diane Daily, Deer Park Branding Committee Member and Holmes Administrative Assistant.

After months of gathering input from the Deer Park district and researching the CHL and Greater Cincinnati schools’ mascots and school colors, the branding committee took their findings to 99Designs. 99Designs is a company that sponsors a contest, with logo criteria, between graphic designers world-wide, which meant the committee saw designs from countries such as Indonesia, Japan, and Italy.

“The 99 Design process was incredibly interesting. I loved how we were able to convey changes to the designers and they brought our ideas to life,” said Dori Manley, Deer Park Branding Committee Member. “[SHAPE Environment’s] final design of the Wildcat on the Ohio shaped shield truly sets our design apart from other schools in the area and easily identifies us as Deer Park, OHIO!”

The Deer Park Community City School District used previously budgeted dollars to pay for the rebranding of the district. The rebranding project is one example of how the Deer Park district strives to use the same dollars in different ways.

“The additional value this rebranding will add to the Deer Park School District will far outweigh the funds we allocated to the project. The community spoke - asking for consistency and a brand that paid homage to the past while representing the future - and we listened,” said Cynthia Stubenvoll, Treasurer at Deer Park Schools.

In addition to the new logos, the Deer Park Community City School District is updating its facilities. This month the Deer Park Jr./Sr. High School will showcase its new gym floor with the new athletic logo of the Wildcat image inset into the State of Ohio. This fall, brand new bleachers will replace the original 1950s wooden bleachers, the gym walls will receive a facelift, and the Deer Park Wildcat Boosters will launch a synthetic turf fundraising campaign.

“I would like to thank everyone that participated in our re-branding process. The time everyone spent working together proved to be extremely valuable,” concluded Langdon.

To view the Deer Park Schools Brand Standards Guidelines and logos, click here.