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Board Office/Howard
4131 Matson Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45236

Phone: 513.891.0222
Fax: 513.891.2930

Office Hours
7:30 AM - 4 PM

Jr./Sr. High School
8351 Plainfield Road
Cincinnati, OH 45236

Phone: 513.891.0010
Fax: 513.891.3845

Office Hours
7 AM - 3:30 PM

Amity Elementary
4320 E. Galbraith Road
Cincinnati, OH 45236

Phone: 513.891.5995
Fax: 513.891.2930

Office Hours
7:30 AM - 4 PM

Holmes Primary
8688 Donna Lane
Cincinnati, OH 45236

Phone: 513.891.6662
Fax: 513.891.3519

Office Hours
7:30 AM - 4 PM


Board of Ed. Office (Howard Building) Administrative Assistant, Central Registration Betty Hollander 513.936.5922
Board of Ed. Office (Howard Building) Assistant to the Superintendent Colette Lewis 513.891.0222
Superintendent   Jeff Langdon 513.891.0222
Assistant Superintendent Curriculum, Instructional Resources, Assessments, Leadership & Training, Classroom Opportunities Jay Phillips 513.891.0222
Jr./Sr. High School Office Administrative Assistant Kristen Schlie 513.891.0010
Deer Park Jr./Sr. High School Principal   Stace Orso 513.891.0010
Deer Park Jr./Sr. High School Assistant Principal Discipline, Academics, and Special Services Shane Hartley 513.891.0010
Athletic Director Grades 7-12, Game Information, Results, Scheduling, Athletic Handbook Eric Taylor 513.936.4624
Amity Office Administrative Assistant Betty Jung 513.891.5995
Amity Principal Academics (4th, 5th, 6th grades), Discipline Mark Smiley 513.891.5995
Holmes Office Administrative Assistant Diane Daily 513.891.6662
Holmes Principal Academics (K-3rd grades), Discipline Sonny Tudor 513.891.6662
Treasurer Finances, Accounts Payable Melissa Pennell 513.891.1881
Payroll Officer Payroll, Benefits Joe Campolongo 513.891.1881
Assistant to the Treasurer Accounts Payable & Receivable Terri Reddish 513.891.1881
EMIS Coordinator EMIS, Testing Coordinator Steve Hoock 513.936.5936
Director of Student Services Resident Educator, Mentoring, Homeless, Title 1, Federal Programs, LPDB, Alternative Assessment, IEP, ETR Dave Bergan 513.936.5937
Special Services Administrative Assistant   Peggy Reagan 513.936.5932
Director of Business Operations   Jim Stoll 513.936.5930

Head Start

Head Start Registration, Hamilton County Preschool Registration Lisa Miller  
Director of Communication News, Current Events, Public Relations, Website, Social Media Jake Snyder 513.936.5935
School Psychologist   Phyllis Davis 513.936.5923
Guidance Counselor (Grades K-6) Counseling Events, Conferences Michelle Ellis 513.936.7832
Guidance Counselor (Grades 7-9) Counseling Events, Conferences, College & Career Readiness

Jason Spelic

Guidance Counselor (Grades 10-12) Counseling Events, Conferences, College & Career Readiness, Honors, AP/College Prep, Dual Enrollment Corrie Madden 513.936.4684
Director of Transportation Shuttle Service, Field Trips, Special Needs Children Mary Keller 513.936.4677
Director of Maintenance Maintenance/Custodial Related Issues, Health and Safety Issues Dave Conover 513.936.5920
Director of Food Services Free/Reduced Lunch, Lunch Balances, Lunch Menus Mary-Lynne Biermann 513.936.7816