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Committee Chairperson Resources

So you volunteered to chair a committee...now what? First of all, thank you!  Please know that there is no way that the PTO could function without you and the other committee leaders. Although we may have strong officers leading the way, we need strong committees to get the work completed. I wanted to pass along some tips that may help you with your committee. 

Starting Off: The biggest part of running a successful committee is knowing what your committee is supposed to do. Sometimes you may volunteer to chair a committee because it sounded interesting or you thought you had friends or family that had done it in the past. Sometimes once you take on the task it becomes quite daunting. So if you are unsure, find out by asking the board officers or the previous chair.

Confirming your suspicions: Once you know what is expected of your committee and the steps involved to fulfill the committee’s obligations, make sure to run your ideas past the board just to be safe. Communication is key in this organization and sometimes if a committee takes off running in a direction that differs from the past it can create some conflict. So to avoid tension and possible mistakes ask early on.

Money: Remember that there is an amount budgeted for your committee and it is your responsibility to stay within that budget. Sometimes it helps to make a spreadsheet before you get started. Also make sure your volunteers are not taking it upon themselves to buy things before your approval.

Volunteers: Make sure you contact all volunteers at least once, even if they are unable to help. Show your appreciation for your volunteers by valuing their ideas and input in your meetings. Being a leader can mean tough decisions at times so find your balance because ultimately you are the chairperson for this committee but don’t alienate your volunteers either. Let them take on some work that will be meaningful to them instead of just “busy” work. Remember to thank them for all of their help!