2021-2022 Kindergarten Registration

Last Updated: 4/19/2021 2:18 PM

Welcome to Kindergarten! We have created this page to walk you step-by-step through the registration process. This page will serve as your guide for registration, but if you ever have any issues, please do not hesitate to reach out to Betty Hollander at 513-891-0222 / hollander.b@dpccsd.org or Diane Daily at 513-936-6275 / daily.d@dpccsd.org with registration questions.  We are here to help!


NOTE: Per Deer Park Board of Education Policy 5112: "A child is eligible for entrance into kindergarten if s/he attains the age of five (5) on or before August 1st of the year in which s/he applies for entrance. The Board may admit a younger child to kindergarten if the child satisfies the Board's early entrance criteria. A child under age six (6) who is enrolled in kindergarten will be considered of compulsory school age.


Registration Process

1. If interested in registering your child for Kindergarten for the 2021-2022 school year, please complete this form:

Kindergarten Pre-Registration Information Survey

2. Please complete the online forms through Final Forms to begin the enrollment process. Complete the form by clicking the link below the instructions:

  • Create a Parent new account (you will receive an email to confirm your account and create a password)
  • Click the "Registration Open for Next Year" 
  • Click Add Student button at top right of the screen
  • Select 2034 as the year your student is expected to graduate from high school.  


Please contact Diane Daily at 513-936-6275 / daily.d@dpccsd.org with registration questions.

3. Please bring copies of the following to the registration meeting (See item #4). Hard copies of Deer Park forms are available in the Amity Elementary office or the Board of Education Office. Copies of Photo ID, Birth Certificates, and Residency will be made at the meeting.

  1. Valid Photo Identification

  2. Original Birth Certificate (Click HERE to learn how to obtain an Ohio Birth Certificate)

  3. Proof of Residency (Click HERE to see list of acceptable documents)

  4. Immunization Records

  5. Physical Exam Form

  6. Dentist Report

  7. Ohio Health History Form

  8. Custody Paperwork (IF APPLICABLE)

  9. Special Education paperwork (IF APPLICABLE)

4. Attend Registration Meeting. 

Registration meetings will be held at the Board of Education office (The Holmes Building) located at 8688 Donna Lane Cincinnati, Ohio 45236. Incoming students do not need to attend the registration meeting.    

Contact Betty Hollander at 513-891-0222 to schedule a registration meeting.

*Due to COVID19 masks are required when attending the registration meeting.* 

Kindergarten Screeners at Amity Elementary:

Kindergarten Screeners will be held on the following days at the Amity Elementary.  Amity Elementary is located at 4320 E. Galbraith Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45236.   Please enter the main office off the east side of the building.  

Please click on the date that you would like to bring your child in to sign-up for a time slot.  

*Students and parents need to wear a mask when entering Amity Elementary.*

Meet Our Kindergarten Team:

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