Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 3313.821, the Business Advisory Council (BAC) of Hamilton County Educational Service Center (HCESC) in conjunction with Great Oaks Business Advisory Council developed a plan and subsequently filed that plan with the Ohio Department of Education.

The HCESC BAC plan not only represents the work of the ESC but also 16 of its member districts, the governing boards of which connected to HCESC’s BAC through passage of representation agreements. 


In accordance with provisions of ORC 3313.821, HCESC’s BAC has issued a Joint Statement that provides the following types of information:

·  Meetings conducted by the council;

·  The council’s plan and implementation progress;

·  Brief summaries of specific activities the council conducted;

·  The nature of the council’s advice and recommendations, if any, on needed employment skills and curriculum development to instill those skills;

·  The nature of the council’s advice and recommendations, if any, on economic and job market changes and the types of employment in which future jobs are most likely to be available; and

·  The nature of the council’s advice and suggestions, if any, for developing working relationships among businesses, labor organizations and educational personnel.

The Joint Statement is also included here as one of the available documents.


The plan submitted last fall, and the joint statement of progress, are being reviewed by state legislators, ODE staff and other policymakers.