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Many grants exist outside the realm of Federal and State programs. For the most part, these grants are competitive in nature and are only awarded to a select few. They also tend to be one time funds. Deer Park Community City Schools participates in additional programs listed below.

Grant Name: NFL Hometown Grant (American Dairy Association, Fuel Up to Play60, and the Cincinnati Bengals)

Grant Purpose: To help students at Amity Elementary become more active and to increase participate in the school's breakfast program.

Grant Expenditures: Funds may be spent on costs related to expanding the breakfast program and increasing physical activity of Amity's students.

At Deer Park dollars were used for the Fuel Up to Play60 program, paint and supplies for the playground, and playground equipment and games. The Amity Wellness Club is involved with the program.

Grant Amount: For FY15, Deer Park received $10,000.00.

Grant Results: Students were able to meet Cincinnati Bengals player Rex Burkhead at Field Day and show him what they've learned about being healthier - both with better eating habits and more exercise.

Submitted but not yet awarded: Bureau of Worker's Comp Safety Grant

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