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Grant Programs

As a school district, most of the funding for day to day operations comes from the State or from local resources. When those dollars are not enough to grow or start needed programs, the District turns to alternative sources of funding.

Sources of Grants

There are three sources of grant funding for Deer Park Schools:

  • Federal Grants
  • State Grants
  • Other Sources

Federal Grants

The largest alternative source of funding for the district is Federal grants. Deer Park currently receives funding from IDEA-B (special education), Title III (limited English proficient), Title I (poverty), Early Childhood Special Education, and Title II-A (professional development).

State Grants

In addition to Federal grants, the District participates in several State grants, including High Schools That Work and Straight A Fund.

Other Sources

The District can also work closely with non-governmental grant providers. Recently Deer Park was awarded a grant from the American Dairy Association (in conjunction with Fuel Up to Play60). The District is also in talks with the Deer Park Park Board about co-funding a project at Chamberlin Park.

Each grant is for a specific purpose and funds must be spent according to the guidelines of the grant. Grant dollars help the district keep a robust educational program without using local tax dollars. District staff members keep their eyes open for grant opportunities with will benefit Deer Park's classrooms and surrounding community.

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