Counseling/College & Career Readiness Department

The Counseling and College & Career Readiness Department at Deer Park Jr./Sr. High School seeks to assist students and families by providing supportive services and post-high school planning.

These services support the areas of social-emotional development, student academics, and College/Career Readiness (CCR) and planning.This site will provide our students and families with various tools to help navigate a students' education through 7th - 12th grade and beyond. 

Please use the links below and to the right to learn more.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your students' CCR school counselor.

Important Dates

October is Bullying Prevention Month!  See Dr. Orso's Letter Below)

  • Oct 26th and 27th - No School - Conferences
  • Oct. 31st - Trick or Treat for the Hungry
  • Nov. 7th - No School.  Election Day and Teacher Inservice
  • Nov. 8th - Junior Be the Difference Day (see News below)
  • Nov. 9th and 10th - Junior High Be the Difference Days and Aspire Testing
  • Nov. 13th and 14th - ACT Aspire Testing, Grade 9 and 10
  • Nov. 22 - 24 - No School.  Thanksgiving Break

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Latest News:  

Return to this screen for updated info on job postings, events and HS counseling news

Be the Difference: Coming up in Nov, our 7th, 8th, and 11th grade students will take part in the programs The ID Project (Jr High) and the Be the Difference (for Juniors). These programs identify disrespect, stereotyping, and bullying as the main causes negatively impacting middle and high school climate and seeks to help our students grow through a day of fun activities, presentations, and learning about each other. Each program from Changepoint Learning is designed to give adolescents key tools that will serve them lifelong. The primary emphasis will be Self-Leadership focusing on the following: SMART Action Goals and SMART Action Plans, Future Self (focusing on personal values and who each one desires to become), Time Management (utilizing the metaphors of Four Quadrants/Big Rocks), Key Behaviors of Leadership, Qualities of Character Each program does involve learning about the challenges and hardships that others have gone through and students are given the opportunity to share their experiences if they are willing. While we hope that all students will participate, you may choose to OPT OUT if you do not wish for your child to participate. If you have any questions or wish to OPT OUT, you can contact Jason Spelic at 936-4652. 

Bullying Prevention Month: Please go HERE for a letter from Dr. Orso re: the activities from this month, as well as to see some fun photos! Take a stand against bullying!

Unity Day T-Shirt Sale: Support Bullying Prevention Month! Sale runs from Oct. 9 - 13th! T-shirts may be pre-ordered at the Jr/Sr HS during lunch or by going to the following linked site; go HERE.

Cincinnati National College Fair. Sunday, October 22 from 1:00pm-4:00pm. Duke Energy Convention Center downtown. Pre-registering is required.  Parking should be plentiful as the Bengals are playing out of town that day. More info found HERE.

8th Grade DC Scholarships: Due Monday, the 25th. Go HERE to download!

Great Wolf Lodge is Hiring: Go HERE to learn more.

New to DP? Please contact your student's CCR counselor for a course selection form. You can access our Academic Course Planner HERE.

Missed Some Gifted Summer Opportunities? Be on the lookout for the The Super Saturday Program. This program is organized to provide enrichment for those students who have been identified as gifted and/or are looking to expand and enrich their growth. Go HERE for information about this program.

Women in STEM: Check out some interesting info HERE! Possible scholarship opportunity!

February Was Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month - Help us to get need info and resources out to our students. Go HERE for more resource information and HERE for an information booklet on Project AWARE. 

Noplaceforhate: Be on the lookout for further information about an upcoming project that will help make Deer Park Jr/Sr High School a No Place for Hate!

College Credit Plus - Letter of Intent. Go HERE to get a copy and turn in to Ms. Madden

Be the Difference: The program returns this fall for our Jr. High and Juniors this year! If you have any questions, you can contact Jason Spelic at 936-4652. 

Graduation Information: The Ohio Department of Education would like to share some information re: graduation options. Please check out the information HERE.

Thriving Learning Communities comes to Deer Park! TLC (Thriving Learning Communities) is a strengths-based character education program that will be incorporated into our Junior High Xbells. Along with having students spend some time on Happify, our students will learn ways to improve upon core strengths that we all have. This is one of the many activities DP is doing to focus on it's district goal of character development. Go HERE to watch a video that will give you more info about TLC! Go HERE to learn about what your child is working on this month.

Bullying Awareness Month / Character Education - Go HERE to see a slide show of the different events at Deer Park and contact Jason Spelic at 936-4652 for more info about these incredible events! Again, check out our new character education program called Thriving Learning Communities by clicking on this video for more information.   More events will be happening this October! Be on the lookout! 

Surviving 7th Grade: Go HERE to see the 7th grade orientation presentation.  

Surviving the Teens - Suicide Prevention Information: If you missed the presentation by Cathy Strunk, RN, from the Psychiatry Department of CHMC, and would like more information about this program, please go HERE to be taken to the Children's Hospital Medical Center website.


CCR Information

Deer Park Junior/Senior High school continues to utilize Naviance as the focal point of our College and Career Readiness Program. You can find the Naviance link here and you'll find it under Quick Links. Ask your student to log in and show you all that they've done!

Scholarship Tips: Check out THIS PAGE for help on how to write for scholarships!

Women in STEM: Check out some interesting info HERE! Possible scholarship opportunity!

Accredited Colleges Data Based: Search HERE for a list of 3,539 accredited learning institutions recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and other accreditation agencies.

Career in Medicine?

TAP MD’s mission is to seek and find “untapped” talented high school students to increase the number of future Tristate physicians, throughout the Greater Cincinnati area including both urban and rural regions. Info can be found at

College Goal Sunday

Go HERE for more details if you missed last year's event.

FAFSA help? 

Check out


Interested in info about College Credit Plus?  Click on the link to the left or HERE for UC's Main info page.


Visits to Colleges & Universities (+ Other Opportunities!)

Ohio colleges and universities are having special programs for students and families to get to know their programs better. Colleges also send reps to school to present to our students. Please check Naviance for the 2017 list.


Web Articles About Jobs and Learning

Check out these recent online articles for some interesting facts about social media and our thoughts about learning, especially math.


Scholarship Info

Parents and Students,  

Students receive information on current scholarships via their Naviance Family Connections account. Their account is the most updated reference point.  If you are curious as to what is available, please ask your student to log in with you.  

Note: Scholarships are available via Deer Park Board of Education. Interested seniors can obtain copies from Mr. Hubbard or Ms. Madden.


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