Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

Pictures displayed outside Miss Olson's room from photo club members. By Clay Berling

In addition to several other clubs in Deer Park the Photography Club is making a picture perfect beginning this year. On November 15, 2016 opened a plethora of new opportunities for the students of Deer Park High School to focus their lens on new sights.


“I’ve always been interested in photography and I thought it would be a super cool way to learn more about it,” Deer Park High School student Torie Angel said.


The Photography Club is held every other Tuesday in room 154, Ms. Olson’s room. At this club students expand their knowledge of what it takes to caption, edit, and focus pictures. Not only do they focus their sights on photo taking they learn the art of photography.


As the lens unfolds, their future the Photography Club has captured a new style of photo taking, black and white creative pieces.


How this innovative style falls into place involves teamwork and inspirational messages shown to the world to create a magnificent scene of events. Along with those projects, they are also working on silhouettes photos, that show lighting coming from behind the ‘subject’.  


“I’ve learned where the perfect places are to shoot pictures, how to use forms of photoshop and how to get the best lighting,” Angel said.


Capturing the moment is precisely what these young photography students aim to do as they unravel the secrets of photo taking. Not only do these students help each other hand and hand they also learn from each other what it takes to piece the bits of information together to truly learn the art of photography.


“With the new schoology feature we have albums we all share and upload pictures so that students from the club can log into schoology and look at the works of other students and comment on what they like about the photo,” Lauren Olson said.  


As the Photography Club is fixing their lens on a few final sights as they wrap up the year they encourage students to join Photography Club in hopes for another year of picture perfect moments.


“It’s a neat way for me to spend some time and work with students outside of school, making those connections with interests that are also the same as mine,” Olson said.