Amity Elementary Debuts New Playground


CINCINNATI, Ohio --Around nearly every corner at Amity Elementary, there is a new piece of equipment, technology or feature that tremendously increases the quality of education for all students throughout the building.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Hatton Foundation, this even includes the playground. That is because Amity was awarded a $40,000 grant from the local organization in order to facilitate the building of a brand new, fully accessible soft-surface playground that is specifically designed to be inclusive for all students in the building.

The new playground equipment is built to accommodate students who may not be able to play on the traditional equipment already on the playground. The area includes a soft-surface, which is much easier to navigate than mulch for those with mobility issues. The new area also includes two pieces of equipment that were chosen because they are both accessible for those with special needs, but also fun for all students.

“The really great thing is that the new playground sits right next to where our existing equipment is located,” Intervention Specialist Brian Davison said “This allows for interaction between students who traditionally may not have very much on the playground. It has created a real sense of community throughout the school, allowing for the inclusion of all of our students.”

The playground began construction following the completion of the Amity renovations and has been available for students to play on since November. The two pieces are consistently packed full at all recess times throughout the day.

“It has been tremendous watching our students who would not typically be able to play on the traditional equipment enjoy themselves on the new playground,” Intervention Specialist Jane Tuckerman said. “It is so clear they are having a great time every time we head out, and it is really great to see all of our students play together.”

Deer Park Schools and Amity Elementary are so grateful for the contribution from the Hatton Foundation, and are excited to explore all the opportunities the new playground will provide our students in the coming years.

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