WORLD'S FIRST! Deer Park Alum Earns Associate Project Manager Certification

Daniel Daily

CINCINNATI, OH—As far as we can tell, very few 18-year-olds have ever achieved Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® recognition from the Project Management Institute (PMI), headquartered in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. It’s the project management profession’s recognition of an individual’s knowledge of best practices and global standards. It is a unique and remarkable achievement, and we are all proud of Daniel Daily, the first Deer Park Career Academies graduate to have earned this honor by passing the CAPM® exam in May, and the world's first to earn this distinction by taking project management coursework in high school to prepare for the exam.

Project management is not for the faint of heart. All the pressure of bringing a project successfully to the finish line, no matter what the size, is on the shoulders of the project manager. And people who make their living in project management know quite well what “CAPM” or “PMP” mean. Specifically, a “Project Management Professional” or PMP® earns this prestigious global distinction from the Project Management Institute by completing hours and hours of project experience, taking designated PM courses, studying diligently & methodically, and passing an intense examination from PMI. It’s the top rung of the Project Management career ladder.

It’s a long road to PMP®. So, while logging hours to qualify, some project managers enhance their standing by sitting for the Certified Associate Project Manager (CAPM)® certification. The exam is by no means easy. And if passed, achieving a CAPM® ranking can bring a project manager significant prestige and a nice bump in pay from some employers.

These efforts and accolades are typically reserved for accomplished professionals, people with years of professional training and on-the-job experience managing projects. Yet Deer Park Community City Schools decided to start investing in and growing talented young project managers early.

In 2015, Deer Park engaged Transform Consulting, curriculum architects, to build a Project Management Career Academy. Transform Consulting partnered with the Project Management Institute Southwest Ohio Chapter (PMI SWO) and the PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF), and set out to design, create and launch Project Management 101, the first project management course in a new series of career academies at DPHS. In 2017, a handful of PM-101 students were invited to step-up next into a just-constructed intermediate course in PM-201 to apply their practical PM knowledge to real-life projects.

And then, in 2018, three of the PM-201 graduating seniors were invited to take a PM-301 course that would prepare them to sit, once 18 years old and graduated from high school, for the Certified Associate Project Management® exam. This international credential is recognized around the world as a stepping stone on the way to becoming a Project Management Professional (PMP)®.

The collection of courses is perhaps most noteworthy -- PM-101, PM-201, and PM-301 as a 3-stage PM career academy for high school students that results in an industry-leading project management certification from PMI. This Project Management Academy has groomed not only Daily who passed the exam, but two more 2018 graduates who are planning to sit for the CAPM examination – Mark Everman and Parker Sloan. Three more will be able to take the exam after meeting eligibility with their 2019 graduating year, and seven more are expected in 2020.
The accomplishments of the Deer Park Project Management Academy will be acknowledged on Friday, June 21, 2019 at Xavier University’s Cintas Center during the PMI SWO Summit’19 Academic Outreach Recognition Ceremony.

It takes a lot of people to pull together a “first in the world” accomplishment like this! With special congratulations to Daniel Daily, certainly the youngest CAPM we know, the Deer Park team is planning to continue this journey and allow as many young people as possible to experience the industry of project management.


For more information on the Deer Park Career Academies, contact Jake Snyder, Executive Director of Communications, Deer Park Community City Schools, 513-936-5935. For more information on the Project Management Institute Southwest Ohio Chapter’s Academic Outreach, contact Lacey Strete, PMP, PMI-ACP, MCP, CPM who is VP of Outreach on the PMI SWO Board (