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Check out These Deer Park Stories from 2022!

The first half of the school year at Deer Park Schools was another semester filled with great learning opportunities for our students. As we look forward to a tremendous 2023, we wanted to quickly look back on a trio of stories from the end of last year that we knew we needed to share! 

DPHS Students Complete CEES Internships at Univ. of Cincinnati

Each fall, several Deer Park students in Ms. Baker’s class participate in the Collaboration for Employment and Education Synergy (CEES) program at the University of Cincinnati. During the semester, the students are offered a curriculum to help determine their interests and how to apply their abilities in the workplace. 

“The goal for the program is to get more experience so that when we graduate, we know what kind of jobs we’d like and how different jobs work,” Deer Park junior Jenna Konnagan said. “My favorite part was working in the teacher’s cafe, because I think it was really cool to learn how to work the register.”

During the 12-week program, students spend one day per week working at an internship on the UC campus, culminating in a public presentation where they showcase their skills and what they’ve learned over the course of the program.

“We do internships to get experience outside of school,” senior Jordan Alexander said of the program. “It gives us a chance to learn skills and education once we graduate!”

The Deer Park and CEES partnership has been in existence for more than five years, with plans to continue this tremendous program well into the future!





7th, 8th Grade Students Visit Holocaust & Humanity Center

Each year, an anonymous donor offers to pay the admission of Cincinnati-area students to attend the Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust & Humanity Center in Cincinnati’s Union Terminal, the site where numerous Holocaust survivors arrived in Cincinnati.

"I really enjoyed hearing the stories from our tour guide about Holocaust survivors, especially the one in which a young boy was delivering newspapers," 8th grader Deylend Reynolds said. "But as he was delivering newspapers he was also secretly delivering information to families who were hiding Jewish people in their houses."

This anonymous donor happens to be a Deer Park High School alum, and Deer Park students are prioritized in the donation. This year, select 8th graders and the entire 7th grade class visited the museum to learn more about this dark chapter in history.

"One piece of art that stood out was the piece made from bullet casings depicting the assassination of a Jewish person by a German soldier," Reynolds said.

The exhibits are different than a typical museum, as each offer interactive experiences to connect visitors to the strength and courage of the human spirit.  It also highlights the stories and connections to the Cincinnati area, featuring artifacts, photographs, quotes, and video testimony from local survivors.




PHOTO GALLERY: Kindergarteners Close 2022 Building Gingerbread Houses

During the final week of the first semester, the Amity Elementary kindergarten classes bid farewell to the year by building their very own gingerbread houses. What a fun (and delicious) way to close out 2022!

Check out the Gallery



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