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CHECK OUT: What's New in Deer Park Schools?

Deer Park Community City School District and the Deer Park Board of Education are constantly looking for new ways to improve both the academic and social experience for students within our district.

As these key changes are instituted, Deer Park administrators will often present these updates to the Board of Education at Regular Board of Education Meetings (held the 3rd Tuesday of each month).

Based on community feedback, we will be instituting a new feature on our website that we are calling, "What's New in Deer Park Schools?"

This is where we will communicate any new developments within our schools to all of you who are unable to attend our board meetings.

Our first update comes from the February 21st BOE meeting, where Grades 7-12 Director of Teaching and Learning, Mindy Robertson discusses new course options, along with new Pre-Apprenticeship opportunities for students at the Jr./Sr. High School.

Using the link below, you will find updates from the administrators as they were presented to the BOE.

Check out the Site!


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