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Deer Park High School Empowers Students Through Fall Career Exploration Field Trips

This fall, Deer Park High School students delved into a series of immersive career exploration field trips, providing them with valuable insights into various professional pathways and fostering a deeper understanding of potential future careers. These initiatives not only broadened students' horizons but also laid the groundwork for future educational and vocational pursuits.

Education Pathway:
As part of the Education Pathway, students shadowed an instructional aide at Amity Elementary, gaining hands-on experience in the classroom environment. Additionally, they met with the hiring recruiter for Rachel Wixey & Associates, receiving guidance on the steps to become an instructional aide or substitute teacher. The exposure to the education sector aimed to inspire and inform students about potential career paths in this field.


Manufacturing & Construction Pathways:

Students exploring the Manufacturing & Construction Pathways were treated to informative tours of TP Mechanical, a construction company offering paid apprenticeships focusing on HVAC, plumbing, sheet metal, and pipe fitting. MetalWorking Inc., specializing in manufacturing, machining, and welding, also opened its doors to Deer Park students. To prepare for careers in these industries, students were encouraged to consider taking Manufacturing 101 and 201 at Deer Park High School.


Law & Public Safety Pathway:

In the Law & Public Safety Pathway, students received a comprehensive tour of the Deer Park police station and Mayor's courtroom. The experience provided valuable insights into the duties and educational requirements for careers in law enforcement and dispatch. We are very thankful for the local police for facilitating this eye-opening opportunity for students.

Law and Safety

Health Science Pathway:

Students exploring the Health Science Pathway enjoyed a hands-on experiential trip to Mercy Health Jewish Hospital. They learned about various career opportunities within the hospital and discovered that Mercy Health offers two paid apprenticeship opportunities for Deer Park graduates: Medical Assisting and Patient Care Technician. Furthermore, Mercy Health supports continuing education in healthcare by participating in tuition reimbursement for nursing and healthcare college courses.


Information Technology Pathway:

In the Information Technology Pathway, students attended a "Women in IT" conference at Xavier University, where they heard inspiring stories of success from women in the IT field. This exposure aimed to encourage students to explore the diverse opportunities within the Information Technology sector.

Information Technology

Mindy Robertson, Director of Teaching and Learning at Deer Park High School, emphasized the benefits of these field trips, stating, "These experiences provide our students with a unique chance to connect classroom learning with real-world applications. The insights gained during these trips not only help students make informed decisions about their future careers but also inspire a passion for lifelong learning."

The selection of students for these experiences was based on a career student interest survey and specific criteria set by the participating companies. Deer Park High School is committed to providing more career exploration opportunities in the spring.

For inquiries regarding apprenticeships or careers, students and parents are encouraged to reach out to their counselor or contact Mindy Robertson, Director of Teaching and Learning.

Deer Park High School looks forward to continuing to empower students through meaningful experiences that contribute to their personal and professional growth.