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Deer Park Schools Named StEP School District of the Year by The Alpaugh Family Economics Center at UC

Deer Park Community City Schools has been recognized as the StEP School District of the Year by The Alpaugh Family Economics Center at the University of Cincinnati. This prestigious honor celebrates the district's outstanding commitment to financial and economic education through its Susan Sargen Student Enterprise Program (StEP).

The StEP initiative, implemented by Deer Park Schools, has been instrumental in bringing financial literacy and economic principles to thousands of students in the Tristate area annually. Through StEP, students are incentivized for good behavior, attendance, and meeting classroom goals by earning "StEP bucks". These bucks can then be spent on various items at a store staged within the school, including toys, school supplies, or gift cards. Additionally, students have the option to save their earnings with interest or donate them to the school's chosen charity.

One of the distinguishing features of Deer Park Community City Schools is its exceptional level of generosity, particularly in terms of donations to charitable causes. Amity Elementary, within the Deer Park district, has consistently stood out as one of the most generous schools in this regard. Notably, Deer Park High School students who once participated in StEP as elementary students return to volunteer at the Amity StEP store, showcasing a remarkable cycle of giving back to the community.

At the 2024 Annual Awards ceremony held on Monday, April 15, Deer Park Community City Schools was officially honored as the StEP School District of the Year by The Alpaugh Family Economics Center at UC. This recognition underscores the district's unwavering dedication to empowering students with crucial financial knowledge and skills.

"We are immensely proud to receive this esteemed award," said Amity Elementary Principal Josh Drouhard. "Our commitment to fostering financial literacy and economic understanding among our students is unwavering. StEP has not only enriched our students' educational experience but has also instilled in them the values of generosity and community engagement. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to The Alpaugh Family Economics Center at UC for this recognition."

To learn more about Deer Park's dedication to the StEP program and financial education, watch the video below:

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Congratulations once again to Deer Park students, educators, and the entire community for this well-deserved recognition!

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