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Kelly Huster Named one of Comprehensive Substitute Solutions' Substitutes of the Year

Deer Park Schools proudly announces that Kelly Huster has been recognized as one of the Comprehensive Substitute Solutions' Substitute Teachers of the Year. This prestigious honor celebrates Kelly's exceptional dedication and impact as a substitute teacher at Amity Elementary.

Each year, Comprehensive Substitute Solutions acknowledges outstanding substitute teachers from across the county, highlighting their commitment to education and their invaluable contributions to the academic community. Kelly Huster's recognition underscores her passion for teaching and her commitment to fostering a positive learning environment.

"When Kelly fills in throughout our building, our students don't miss a beat," Amity Principal Josh Drouhard said. "The relationships that she has built with students and staff allow for daily classroom routines to be followed, so that academics remain the focus for our students. Mrs. Huster is always willing to do whatever she can to make Amity successful! We appreciate all her efforts!"

Kelly Huster's presence at Amity Elementary has left a lasting impression on both students and faculty alike. Her ability to connect with students and effectively facilitate learning experiences has made her an integral part of the educational family at Deer Park Schools.

As Deer Park Schools celebrates Kelly Huster's achievement, the district reaffirms its commitment to providing exceptional educational experiences for all students. Kelly's recognition serves as a testament to the dedication and excellence embodied by educators within the Deer Park community.