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Tag Day


Tag Day finds all our band and guard students (grades 6-12) canvassing the district in uniform followed by parent chaperone drivers asking for donations. This is one of our major fundraisers and we credit our AMAZING COMMUNITY for this!  The Deer Park Community School District residents are extremely supportive of our schools and their generosity is evident each November!                                                                                                                                                                                   

Please NOTE: In the past we have had imposters collecting in the name of our amazing Band Program. Please contact the police if you suspect that the people at your door are NOT DP students involved with our band programs.  OUR STUDENTS WILL HAVE: Current uniforms on and WILL have a parent car following them that is marked as a TAG DAY DRIVER. Thanks for your help with this and for your support!

If you would care to donate in advance, we appreciate your donation ANY time of year!

Deer Park Jr./Sr. High School
8351 Plainfield Road
Cincinnati, OH 45236