History of the Wildcat Boosters

Unlike many area schools, the Deer Park Community City School District’s PTO, Athletic Boosters, and Band Sponsors collaborate under one umbrella: the Deer Park Wildcat Boosters (DPWB). This organization brings a unified awareness to the needs of the district, students, and parents.

In 2011, the Wildcat Boosters formed to better serve the Deer Park community. The number one goal of the Wildcat Boosters is better communication among the four organizations. Gary Bosse, President of the Athletic Boosters, Michelle Pennington, PTO President, Lisa Robinson, Band Sponsors President, and Tom Griswold, K.I.D.S. President know that open communication will allow for the success and longevity of the Wildcat Boosters and, ultimately, the schools.

The presidents aim to provide better services to the students, staff, and community, so the three presidents meet often to share ideas and find ways to bring athletics, music, and PTO together in the name of the Deer Park students and community.